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Shoe Repair


TrickTape Adhesive Shoe Patches

TrickTape is a simple way to patch holes in your skate shoes, or prevent them from ripping in the first place.

Our 2.50” x 1.25” adhesive patches are an easy way to patch & protect high-wear areas, so you can get more out of the shoes you already have, instead of buying a new pair.

Available 8-packs in a variety of colors for all your repair needs. Skate/shred/repair/repeat. Easy as that.

We ship worldwide!

Shoe Goo Minis

Shoe Goo Minis

The Goo you already know and love is the perfect complement to TrickTape patches!

TrickTape combined with Shoe Goo is the ultimate in skateboard shoe repair. The bonding of Shoe Goo combined with the durability and consistent board feel of TrickTape will keep your shoes skateable for months on end.

These 2 pocket-sized tubes are the perfect amount for reinforcing patch edges or giving some extra touch-ups to high-wear areas.


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