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TrickTape Reviews

Don’t just take our word for it – see what others around the world are saying about TrickTape and how they’re using it to repair their shoes!


“Today were going to take a look at TrickTape, a shoe patching system which is meant to be a quick and easy fix for rips in your shoes. This stuff is pretty great for how inexpensive it is. If you’re looking for something to either prevent or fix holes in your shoes and you don’t want to wait the 24 hours it takes Shoe Goo to dry, this is one you should definitely check out.”


Will from Level Skateboarding does a TrickTape review and puts its durability to the test doing 100 kickflips in one session!


YouTube skater George Poulos tests TrickTape by doing as many kickflips/variations as he can to see how well our adhesive suede patches protect his skate shoes!


In the past, if you trashed a pair of shoes, you were out of luck. You skate all the time, you crash, and your shoes get destroyed.

Constantly buying new shoes is expensive, and a waste of resources.

What you can do is choose TrickTape. The perfect adhesive suede patch (made from recycled material) is fast, easy, and gets you back on your board in no time. Combine it with Shoe Goo, and you have an ultra-durable shoe you can skate for as long as you’d like.

Does TrickTape work? Check out the reviews above and see what others are saying. We think you’ll agree that TrickTape is the perfect option for fixing ripped shoes so you can spend less time worrying about your shoes, and more time skating.