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Shoe Goo Mini (2 Pack)

Shoe Goo Minis paired with TrickTape patches are the ultimate tag-team for skate shoe repair.

  • Added durability for high-wear areas like the toe for a long lasting fix
  • Extra bonding for TrickTape patch edges
  • Simple to use anytime, anywhere

Just because your shoes are ripped doesn’t mean you have to stop skating them! TrickTape has you covered with these handy and easy-to-carry Shoe Goo Mini tubes. These tubes provide the perfect amount of extra sealant, and they’re easy to stash so you always have one handy. Water-resistant upon application, Shoe Goo is an easy way to prolong the life of your skate shoes, especially when combined with TrickTape. Apply and let sit overnight so your shoes are ready-to-go the next day!

  • Contains 0.18 fl oz of Shoe Goo
  • Color: clear
  • Cures fully in 24-72 hours
  • See package for more details

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