TrickTape - Better Skate Shoe Repair


Easy to Use

Application takes seconds and you’ll be back to skating in minutes. No mess or waiting for goo to dry.

Cost-Saving Durability

TrickTape makes your shoes last longer, which means no need to buy a new pair! Every day skating with TrickTape means more money in your pocket.

Consistent Board Feel

Patch your shoes with 100% recycled synthetic suede – so nice you won't even notice it's there.
TrickTape is super awesome and durable. I always have a patch on my wallet and car, super easy on the go fix 👍
— Hector

Proudly sold in 32 countries and 49 states


Skate. Patch. Skate.
has two meanings

The first is practical – the best way to use TrickTape to repair your shoes. We recommend skating a new pair until holes just barely start to appear. Once that happens, patch them up, then get back to skating!

The second is what it takes to be good at skating. Lots of practice. Put in the hours – wear down those shoes, patch ‘em up, skate like crazy, wear ‘em down, patch ‘em up, skate, over and over. For days. Weeks. Months. Years. Learning to love the highs and lows along the way.

Life saver (get this tape)!
— @danknermal