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George Floyd & Humanity

Originally posted to my personal Instagram a few weeks ago after the George Floyd case and subsequent fallout. These days no matter what you do you’re going to be criticized, so I figured the right approach was to summarize my thoughts on the root cause and solution as best I could, and let it go from there:

Been thinking about this and the white moderate. Figure saying something is better than nothing, and try to keep the conversation moving.

What happened to George Floyd was wrong, and Chauvin was correctly charged with murder through the judicial system. It’s a haunting visual of someone believing they’re above the law, not beholden to it. Police, of all people, need to lead by example. They need to keep their end of the deal.

It cuts to the heart – that we continue to not see each other as human beings.

I can only speak to my own perspective, but I would never want someone to look at me and automatically assume they already know everything they need to know or treat me as less than because of how I was born. To blatantly dismiss all that makes me, me, yet just like you – my family, friends, ambitions, fears, mistakes, awkward stumbles, hard-fought wins, silent doubts, belly laughs at dumb jokes, the feeling of a job well done – to have such a richly complex life…end…at the hands of another.

“As you wish (hu)man would do to you, do so to them.” Four verses earlier Jesus says, “Do good to those who hate you”, but what about those who take advantage in bad faith? I won’t hold others to standards I don’t know I could hold myself.

I’m reminded of Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man”, someone seen only as a means to an end. 70 years later racism still lurks and strikes.

All I know is there’ve been times when I was hurt, or worse the source of hurt, and the easy choice was to pass it along. Not once did it make things better. This is a glaring reminder that what we do matters. That it’s our daily responsibility to be where hatred and fear stop, and replace it with something better.