November 22, 2018

How to TrickTape

Today I’ll be giving a quick run-down on how I like to apply TrickTape and use it to not only repair holes in my shoe uppers, but also prevent damage and extend the overall life of my shoes.

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Looking for an option to fix skate shoes that have seen better days? Our skate shoe tape is the perfect solution to your problems.

Be sure to check out our blog above where we discuss what makes TrickTape so great as well as how to use our product for maximum effect.

In future blogs, we’ll be highlighting our favorite skate shoes, the gnarliest skaters, and the coolest tricks we’ve seen lately. We’ll also highlight tips for dealing with torn skate shoes, why other products never work, and more. Stay tuned!

September 29, 2017

Why TrickTape

This week, I’ll be talking about why we started TrickTape. Whatever it is that you do, it’s crucial to have a reason for why you’re doing it (preferably a good one). The alternative is to be on autopilot – to be unconscious. Here are my reasons.

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