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Posts by Devon

The Benefits of Reading

  “I think part of the fun, for me, was being part of some kind of an exchange between consciousnesses, a way for human beings to talk to each other about stuff we can’t normally talk about.” David Foster Wallace   Before jumping into the heart of Vritti blogs, I’d like to touch on reading…

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Why TrickTape 2.0

What is TrickTape’s goal? To appreciate what we have, and use it to its full potential. We have a habit of convincing ourselves we need just one more thing. The next whatever will make us whole. Sometimes it’s true – that’s called progress. Other times it’s an excuse to place happiness outside ourselves. TrickTape’s mission…

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Why Vritti

The purpose of this website is to appreciate what we have, so we can use it to its full potential. With TrickTape, this relates to material goods. With Vritti, it relates to ourselves. If you’re like me, parts of your day are not well spent…social media and channel surfing are the classic culprits because they’re…

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Today I’ll be giving a quick run-down on how I like to apply TrickTape and use it to not only repair holes in my shoe uppers, but also prevent damage and extend the overall life of my shoes. The general idea behind TrickTape is straight-forward…skate shoes get damaged quickly, to the point that they’re pretty…

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So the plan is to start a blog on the website. Not sure exactly how often there’ll be posts but ideally once a week. It won’t be exclusively skate related, because there are dozens of other companies producing amazing skate content that I can’t. That said, I’ve been an entrepreneur of sorts for over 5…

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