TrickTape - Better Skate Shoe Repair

Easy to Use

Application takes seconds and you’ll be back to skating in 5 minutes. No mess or waiting for goo to dry.

Cost-Saving Durability

TrickTape makes your shoes last longer, which means no need to buy a new pair! Double or triple the life of your shoes and that’s $50 you’ve already saved. At least.

Consistent Board Feel

Patch your shoes with the same type of material they’re made of – you won’t even know it's there.
TrickTape is environmentally friendly. Our 100% recycled synthetic suede patches help keep shoes out of landfills


We ship worldwide - Proud to have sold to 49 states and 28 countries.


Skate. Patch. Skate.
has two meanings

The first is practical – the best way to use TrickTape. We recommend skating a new pair of shoes until holes just barely start to appear. Once that happens, patch them up, then get back to skating!

The second is what it takes to be good at skating. Lots of practice. We want you to put in the hours – wear down those shoes, patch ‘em up, skate like crazy, wear ‘em down, patch ‘em up, skate, over and over. For days. Weeks. Months. Years. Learning to love the highs and lows along the way.


How To


1. Locate area for TrickTape adhesive patch.


2. Do your best to ensure the area around the desired patch location is clean and dry. For example, you could use a soft bristle brush (old toothbrush) and trim off any exposed thread or other loose fabric.


3. TrickTape patches are sized to fit most needs. If preferred, shape the patch with scissors to fit the desired area on your shoes.

Make sure that the patch is at least 1/4” to 1/2” larger than the desired area to be patched.


4. Remove the adhesive backing and place one hand inside the shoe with your fingers resting against the area to be patched and use the other hand to place the TrickTape patch.


5. Press firmly into place using both hands and fingers. The harder you press when applying the better it will stick. Let stand for 5 minutes. For best results, apply overnight after skating.


6. Go Skate!

Note: For optimal results, apply TrickTape at early signs of wear on your shoes before holes are visible.


About Us

TrickTape is the product of a couple of guys who weren’t happy with how quickly their shoes wore out, and thought there was a better way to repair them than using duct tape or shoe goo. So why not create a tape made of the same material as their shoes? After taking the time to test for the best, most durable suede, voilà TrickTape was born.

Made by skaters, for skaters. Skateboarding continues to have such a positive impact on our lives. We hope in a small way that TrickTape encourages riders to get out and continually better themselves through skating.