What is TrickTape?

TrickTape is a simple way to make your skate shoes last longer. Every skater knows what it’s like to buy a fresh new pair of shoes, only to have them ripped to pieces days or weeks later, leaving two options: a sketchy homemade repair or paying for another pair.

Made from durable suede with an adhesive backing, TrickTape works on shoes of all shapes, sizes, and fabrics. Use it to repair holes in your shoes, or preventatively before they start to rip, so that pair of shoes that only lasted a couple weeks is still going strong months later.

Stop spending more than you have to on shoes that are going to rip anyway. With all that cash staying in your pocket, you can save up for more important things like a new deck, set of wheels, fine steak dinner, or that roth IRA.




How To


1. Locate area for TrickTape adhesive patch.


2. Do your best to ensure the area around the desired patch location is clean and dry. For example, you could use a soft bristle brush (old toothbrush) and trim off any exposed thread or other loose fabric.


3. TrickTape patches are sized to fit most needs. If preferred, shape the patch with scissors to fit the desired area on your shoes.

Make sure that the patch is at least 1/4” to 1/2” larger than the desired area to be patched.


4. Remove the adhesive backing and place one hand inside the shoe with your fingers resting against the area to be patched and use the other hand to place the TrickTape patch.


5. Press firmly into place using both hands and fingers. The harder you press when applying the better it will stick. Let stand for 5 minutes. For best results, apply overnight after skating.


6. Go Skate!

Note: For optimal results, apply TrickTape at early signs of wear on your shoes before holes are visible.


About Us

TrickTape is the product of a couple of guys who weren’t happy with how quickly their shoes wore out, and thought there was a better way than using duct tape or shoe goo. So why not create a tape made of the same material as their shoes? After taking the time to test for the best, most durable suede, voilà TrickTape was born.

Skateboarding is great. Pushing yourself, creative expression, the sense of achievement... so many good things come from riding, and we hope in a small way this product helps people find that.