TrickTape - Better Skate Shoe Repair

Easy to Use

Application takes seconds and you’ll be back to skating in 5 minutes. No mess or waiting for goo to dry.

Cost-Saving Durability

TrickTape makes your shoes last longer, which means no need to buy a new pair! Double or triple the life of your shoes and that’s $50+ you’ve already saved.

Consistent Board Feel

Patch your shoes with the same type of material they’re made of – you won’t even know it's there.

Proudly sold in 31 countries and 49 states


Skate. Patch. Skate.
has two meanings

The first is practical – the best way to use TrickTape to repair your shoes. We recommend skating a new pair until holes just barely start to appear. Once that happens, patch them up, then get back to skating!

The second is what it takes to be good at skating. Lots of practice. We want you to put in the hours – wear down those shoes, patch ‘em up, skate like crazy, wear ‘em down, patch ‘em up, skate, over and over. For days. Weeks. Months. Years. Learning to love the highs and lows along the way.


About Us

If you're like us, you (used to) use shoe GOO or duct tape to repair your constantly damaged skate shoes. It got the job done, but applying goo is time consuming and messy, and duct tape doesn't last longer than a session. There has to be a better way to fix holes in skate shoes, and not just pay for a brand new pair.

So we thought, why not create a tape made of the same material as our shoes? It'd be fast/easy to apply like duct tape, but way more durable like goo. After taking the time to test for the best, most durable suede, voilà TrickTape was born.

Made by skaters, for skaters, TrickTape's mission is to provide a simple way to get more out of what you already have. Skating continues to have such a positive impact on our lives, we hope TrickTape encourages riders to continually better themselves through skating.