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Dedicated to longer lasting skate shoes



Skate. Patch. Skate.

TrickTape is a simple way to patch holes in your skate shoes, or prevent them from ripping in the first place.

Our 2.50” x 1.25” adhesive patches are an easy way to patch/protect high-wear areas, so you can get more out of the shoes you already have, instead of buying a new pair.

Available 8-packs in a variety of colors for all your repair needs. Skate/shred/repair/repeat. Easy as that.

We ship worldwide!

Dedicated to longer lasting shoes


I believe business has the potential to be one of the best means for positive change. Of course, this is not always the case, but a good company solves a problem better than anyone else, benefitting its customers, employees, and community at large.

Possibly the biggest problem of our age is over-consumption. Consumption is neither good nor bad – it’s just how the world works…all life must consume in order to survive. But there is a balance, and it’s clear we’ve tipped the scales, putting our immediate wants before everything else.

I won’t BS anyone claiming TrickTape is a revolutionary, world-saving product – it’s a drop in the ocean, easing a symptom to a much deeper issue. But it’s a start, and I believe if you see something wrong, you fix it as best you can. Where you are, with what you've got.

My goal with TrickTape is give your shoes more life. With material goods, we’re quick to buy things we don’t really even like, much less think about where they came from, or where they go after we throw them away. I hope TrickTape is a step to genuinely appreciating what we already have.

"TrickTape is super awesome and durable. I always have a patch on my wallet and car, super easy on the go fix 👍"


"Life saver (get this tape)!"

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